Opiekuńcze Skrzydła (Caring Wings)

195Opiekuńcze Skrzydła is a programme owing to which you can help protect a child against hunger, physical violence and putdowns by drunk and irresponsible parents.
Which children are covered by Opiekuńcze Skrzydła?
Children whose parents, due to alcoholism, unemployment or bad health, are incapable of ensuring daily care, education and sometimes even the most basic needs for their children. Children from the ages of 7 to 12, as well as youth aged 12+ from the two day homes run by the Fundacja Joanny Radziwiłł Opiekuńcze Skrzydła Foundation.

Who can take a child under their Caring Wings?
A family, an individual, a company, a higher education institution, school, class, club or association.

What are the costs of supporting one child?
Those people willing to look after a child declare a monthly payment into the Fundacja Joanny Radziwiłł Opiekuńcze Skrzydła bank account for the period of 1 calendar year (with possible extensions). The minimum cost for supporting one child is PLN 500. The Foundation looks after the emotional and developmental needs of the children as well as providing homemade meals, clothes, books, school supplies and summer and winter holidays.

How can I praticipate in Caring Wings?
In order to take a child under your wings you should telephone the Fundacja Joanny Radziwiłł Opiekuńcze Skrzydła on: 502 251 465 or send an e-mail to: fundacja@opiekunczeskrzydla.pl. Keeping in mind the declared amount, as well as your preferences, the Foundation will select and send you the details and photograph of a child. We undertake to inform you monthly by letter of the progress of your child.

How doe the programme work so far?
The „Opiekuńcze Skrzydła” programme has been implemented since 2003. At present the program covers 18 children (data as for 21 June 2016). Sixteen children are still waiting for the fairy godparents... We appreciate your assistance with our whole hearts.

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