The List of the Foundation’s Ambassadors

An Ambassador is a representative of the Fundacja Joanny Radziwiłł Opiekuńcze Skrzydła Foundation for a period of 3 years, who touches the hearts of others. This is a person who is connected to the Foundation, is up to date with its latest projects and undertakings, everyday activities and needs, who spreads awareness and information about the Foundation in their surroundings, as well as supporting our activities to the benefit of our charges with their contacts and ideas. Our current programs include: wielkitalerz.pl (Big Plate program), Mała Miska (Small Bowl), Opiekuńcze Skrzydła (Caring Wings), www.wigiliadladzieci.pl (Christmas for our Children).

An Ambassador is the honorary representative of our children.

Marieta Belina Brzozowska – financier, co-owner and manager of CST Consultants, incredible organiser in every domain and beyond all limits, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jolanta Christol – happy wife and mother to Patrycja and Florian, she spent 18 years abroad working for international corporations, member of the Entraide Foundation. Her life and business motto is: “To seek joy in life, be happy and offer happiness to others,” Warsaw

Karolina Fender Noińska – director and producer, owner of the Jajkofilm company, her positive energy makes the world a better place. Warsaw, Paris

Maria Juszczyk – an artist full of ideas and director of PROM Kultury Saska Kępa, Warsaw

Janina Ligner-Żeromska – solicitor, elastic, disposable, open-minded. Specialist in intellectual and industrial law, media and new technologies, Warsaw

Anna Lipińska – art historian, participant in children’s activities in Nazaret – Catholic Intellectuals Club, Piłsudski Museum, Warsaw

Ilona Łepkowska – incredible personality, energy and charisma. Director, screenwriter, queen of Polish television series. Member of the Polish Film Academy

Anna Meysztowicz – translator, dancer, philanthropist, Kraków

Krystyna Odolińska – KOD brand jewellery designer, friend of the homeless and people in need for whom she cooks meals, Warsaw

Monika Osiecka – sculptor whose creativity and life history permeate and complete one another, Warsaw

Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska – television and theatre actress, mother of five, Warsaw

Beata Pawelczyk-Błasiak – fan of dogs and horses, organiser of the Wielcy-Małym (Big-Small) meetings, owner of the PR Agency BKeV, Warsaw, Łódź

Adam Radziun – sculptor, archer, member of the Polish Traditional Archery Association, owner of the Crazy Mouse Innovations advertising agency, Warsaw

Zofia Radziwiłł – pedagogue, social and cultural animator, educator at the Catholic Intellectuals Club. Co-creator of workshops for youth on finding new ways of spending free time, developing entrepreneurship skills and social initiative for children and youth. Author of the project Piąte przez Dziesiąte. Traveller, Warsaw

Antoni Radziwiłł – sinologist, traveller, employee of a large Chinese corporation. He is the co-creator of the first ever Polish-Chinese/Chinese-Polish business dictionary. Permanently residing in Peking

Maria Stecka – graphic designer and interior architect, her work never fails to impress, owner of the Steckainteriors company, Warsaw

Małgorzata Śliwińska Piekarska – lover of nature and country living, an artist by passion and profession, shaping the space that surrounds her in her own way

Tomasz Taczanowski – collector, traveller, philanthropist, Poznań, Warsaw

Dorota Wardyńska – initiator of local campaigns in Saska Kępa, owner of the Agency Ministerstwo Gwiazd and the Między nami Foundation, Warsaw

Elżbieta Wydrzyńska-Głowacka – private investor, classical music and contemporary art lover, believes that sharing with others is an important addition to her professional career, member of the MUKS Basket Association and Korporacja Handlu Zagranicznego (Foreign Trade Corporation), Warsaw

Dorota van Vugt – always ready for new challenges, working with people, creates authentic things, owner of Pracownia 3one33, mother of four, Warsaw

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