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World Refugee Day

Today, I would like to draw your attention to an important event – World Refugee Day. It is an opportunity to support individuals who have had to leave their homes due to conflicts, persecution, or other difficulties.

This year, we want to particularly emphasize the situation of refugees from Ukraine.

The conflict in the Ukraine has caused thousands of people to lose their homes and flee in search of safety for themselves and their families. Their lives have been destroyed, and their future has become uncertain.

As a foundation, we have the privilege of working with many Ukrainian refugees and experiencing their strength, determination, and courage. They are often individuals with dreams and aspirations, but they face numerous obstacles along their journey. We provide them with educational, livelihood, and legal assistance. On World Refugee Day, we want to emphasize that each of us can contribute to changing the lives of refugees.

We can act in various ways from raising awareness and educating others about refugee issues to providing financial support to organizations involved in assistance. It is important to remember that behind every refugee, there is a person with dreams, a desire for safety, and a chance for a new life.