We help children who are not assured sufficient support from their guardians for social and financial reasons. We act to counter social exclusion of children and give them an equal chance at our day houses, which are modeled on a family home. With us, children gain a sense of security and confidence in their potential and learn to dream and pursue those dreams. Why we help Click here


MAGDALENA KRYŃSKA Foundation President
Foundation President. Educator, specialist in education and social potential management. Co-founder of the Joanna Radziwiłł Protective Wings Foundation. The rational half of the Joanna-Magda duo. She has been helping children, young people, and adults in need of help for 19 years. She has a love and a passion for children. In her personal life, she is mum to her dear Marysia and breeds Irish Setters.
JOANNA RADZIWIŁŁ Foundation Vice President
Member of the board at the Foundation. Clinical psychologist, therapist, provider of child care. Co-founder of the Protective Wings Foundation and proprietor of a psychology practice. For many years, the problems of families and children in need of daily assistance, socially neglected, impoverished and lonely have been particularly important to her. She helps the big and the small. She is constantly coming up with new ideas. An effective operator. She is open to the world and to people. She adores nature, simplicity, home, and meeting with loved ones. She has been given awards by the Polish Medical Association, the UNICEF Polish National Committee, the Empowering Children Foundation, the Praga-Południe Mayor, and the President of Poland. She has been awarded the Order of the Smile.

Katarzyna studied management and is an educator. She completed the psychological aid program at the Integrative Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute and a level one course in solution-focused therapy. Attending a four-year course at the DIALOG psychotherapy training center and a five-year course in clinical psychology. Full of amazing energy, someone who operates professionally and is open to people and the world. At the Protective Wings Foundation, she is pursuing her dreams and helping others in a specific and effective way. A role model for children. She has a passion for small-scale and large-scale travel, aspects of humanistic and systemic psychotherapy, and literature and music – she is a qualified musician.

k.muszynska [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl

HELENA BEREBECKA Coordinator (Warsaw)


Helena Berebecka, coordinator of assistance activities. She coordinates volunteers and takes care of the Caring Wings program. She is the first contact for our Donors. She teaches the Polish language to people from Ukraine in refugee crisis. Always willing to help, empathic, sensitive to the needs of others. She studied applied sociology and social anthropology with a specialization in facilitation and crisis intervention. Her professional experience included working for a non-governmental organization as a Coordinator of a Development Project on Urban Issues and Public Life Leadership, as well as in an advertising agency as an Account Manager. She has always been involved in various aid campaigns. She is a fan of non-fiction and Polish belles-lettres, reportage and documentary productions. She enjoys exploring issues related to sociology and psychology. In her free time, she paints pictures, walks her dog and spends time with her husband and family.

h.berebecka [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl

ALICJA KROMKA Educator (Warsaw)



Alicja has a wanderer’s soul. She completed her bachelor’s degree at a Danish university and lived abroad for several years, including working in the United States. Upon returning to Poland, she started studying psychology, which she continues to pursue. She has extensive volunteer experience, helping refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos and supporting activities on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Values such as sensitivity, empathy towards others, and continually expanding her life perspective dominate her life. Alicja considers the teenage years to be the most crucial in shaping one’s identity, believing they require special attention, listening, acceptance, and a sense of security. This is especially what guides her work with the foundation’s youth.

a.kromka [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl



Liudmyla Myronchuk, or Liuda, is a tutor for children aged 7-12 at home in Warsaw. She is an MA in history and pedagogue. She is fluent in Ukrainian and Polish. She accompanies children with attention and gives them warmth and a sense of humor. The opportunity to participate in the development of children gives her a lot of satisfaction  She likes to spend her spare time reading books, learning Polish or baking sweets. In life, she is guided by the ethical principle “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

l.myronchuk [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl



Master’s degree in chemistry with pedagogical preparation – a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw. She gained experience in working with children and young people in Warsaw schools. Accompanying and building relations with a child gives her a lot of joy and satisfaction – much more than solving even the most difficult chemistry task. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, family or a book and a cup of good coffee. The best relaxation for her is a trip to the mountain trails. Since childhood, she has loved dancing – samba, rumba and Viennese waltz are her rhythms through which she can express her emotions. She is fascinated by other people and appreciates time spent in close conversation.

m.modzelewska [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl



Cook (Warsaw)

Magdalena was formerly in the care of the foundation, and is a cook and master of delicious dinners for children and young people. Try her food once, and you will always want to return to the foundation house. She is developing her culinary passions by continuing to study gastronomy and nutrition. The calm with which she does her magic affects anyone who even approaches the center of the house that is the kitchen – where time truly “stands still”.

m.buga [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl

JUSTYNA BEDNAREK Educator (Kamionka)


Educator (Kamionka)

Educator, linguist, mum. Open to people and glad to learn about new cultures. She spent a few months living in Kazakhstan and dreams about going again. She likes “the Master and Margarita”, and will one day write a book, probably for children. She tries to approach everybody with empathy and respect, and knows how to listen. She looks for the qualities in people that make them special.

j.bednarek [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl

MAREK CZEŻYK Educator (Kamionka)


Marek is an art historian and landscape architect. His sun in the galaxy is photography – he runs his own business as a photographer. His planets (passions and hobbies) include nature and birdwatching, Star Wars, the Marvel cinematic universe and the world of the Bible. The galaxy of his activities is permeated by people. He enjoys meeting, talking to, getting to know, photographing – people. Meeting and getting to know new people is a valuable and intriguing experience for him. A great lover and collector of Lego. In his spare time he enjoys reading books, running and playing board games, and word games. He dislikes monotony. He values independence, creativity and a bit of craziness. 

m.czezyk [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl

MAŁGORZATA KOSTRO-OLECHOWSKA Director of Fundraising & Communication


Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, she has worked in the cultural industry for the past 20 years. Former Promotion and Distribution Director of Gutek Film. She has also worked with film producers, being responsible for promotion and PR, as well as wellbeing. She is the creator of film cycles which have become a permanent feature in the repertoires of studio cinemas: Philosophical Meetings, High Heels Club. For her, culture is an inspiration and support to work on personal development and, consequently, to develop culture in business. In action, she helps to combine two, often opposing, important values – creativity and efficiency. She holds the HEC Paris Boosting Creativity for Innovation certificate and has completed the Psychological Leader Academy organised by the TROP Group. She is focused on continuous learning.

m.kostro [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl

BEATA KOWALCZYK Communication specialist


Beata is a visual artist with a specialisation in graphic design and an MA in art history with a specialisation in pedagogy. She has been creating dedicated graphic designs for several years. In her free time, she runs social media with a culinary theme, photographs and styles dishes. She is fascinated by applied arts and has a modest collection of Polish design objects. She brings to the Foundation her extraordinary calm and knowledge resulting from her numerous competences and interests.

b.kowalczyk [at] fundacjajoannyradziwill.pl



Involved in providing pro bono legal assistance to the Foundation. With her knowledge and experience, she supports both the Council and Board of the Foundation and its charges. For years she has been active in the area of helping adults and children at risk of social exclusion. In contact attentive and curious about the other person. In her volunteer activities with children, she is focused on building a relationship in which both parties develop and learn from each other.










An ambassador is a representative of the Joanna Radziwiłł Protective Wings Foundation who is on a quest for the hearts of others. It is a person associated with the Foundation and is up to date with its latest projects, and daily operations and needs, who disseminates information about the Foundation among those around them, and supports, with their ideas and contacts, activities to help the children cared for/current the Big Plate and the Protective Wings schemes.

Elżbieta Czartoryski

architect and director at Paul Raff Studio (https://paulraffstudio.com/) specializing in residential, cultural and commercial buildings. Visual Artist with a focus on performance, sculpture, drawing and photography investigating topics including: equality, in-between spaces and social politics. Mother of Leon and wife of Alexander. She is based currently in Puerto Rico, though her heart lies in Montreal, Toronto and Warsaw.


Financier, co-owner and manager of CST Consultants, an excellent organizer in every field and across borders. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 


Associated with the Polish and European media market for 25 years. For five years, she has worked as freelance advisor to business heads and proprietors. She is a modern technologies market investor, connecting interesting people from around almost the entire world. She is a travel writer and ardent promoter of personal growth, eco living, and of supporting young people in particular. She loves skiing and krav maga, and practices kriya yoga. She achieved one of her greatest dreams – to work as an independent freelancer after reaching fifty.

Christol ​

Mum to Patrycja and Florian, she spent eighteen years abroad working in multinationals, President of the Entraide Foundation.  Her motto for life and business is: “Take joy in life, be happy, and make others happy”, Warsaw. Mum to Patrycja and Florian, she spent eighteen years abroad working in multinationals, President of the Entraide Foundation.  Her motto for life and business is: “Take joy in life, be happy, and make others happy” , Warsaw.


An art historian who gives lessons to children at Nazareth – the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia, Piłsudski Museum Collection Department, Warsaw


Portugalist, travel writer, open to the world, fascinated with Middle East and Egyptian Culture, resident in Cairo for many years, PR expert for various organizations, organizer of diverse cultural meetings, who adores people, nature, and space; associated with the Protective Wings Foundation for many years, Warsaw


An exceptional personality, energy and charisma. Film director, scriptwriter, writer, queen of Polish TV series. Member of the Polish Film Academy


An economist who has studied three subjects, cross-border trade, international tax, and EU law; she has her own business consultancy firm, and organized the XIX Those Great to Those Small auction in aid of abused animals in cooperation with stage drama artists, painters, and sculptors. Warsaw, Łódź


Ten years ago she changed Kraków to Warsaw, which became her second home. After studying Real Estate, HR Management, and Marketing, and the related work, she found that she loved art and working with children. She has a passion for art therapy, artistic workshops, and photography. Mum to a teenager. She believes that is it worthwhile helping others to discover themselves and the world around them, Warsaw


A graphic artist and interior designer whose ideas never fail to amaze, proprietor of the firm Steckainteriors, Warsaw


For 23 years, Agata has been public relations director and Territory East Communication Director at Renault Polska, and has won many prestigious awards for her work; she loves to design interiors and gardens, and is sensitive with people and animals, especially cats, Warsaw


A Varsovian by birth, long-term media manager at a media house, and owner of a cafe. She adores travel and every kind of sport. She delves into the intricacies of psychology. A person filled with calm and ideas, who has always been open to the world and people. A participant in the grand platter (wielkitalerz.pl) scheme. Mum to three sons


Always ready for new challenges and to work with people; she creates things in a true and sincere way, proprietor of the 3one33 studio, mum to four children, Warsaw


Professionally – always connected with finance. Privately – a lover of travel, sports, and good food, and recently, a grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren. By nature, an optimist, positively looking towards the future.