Protective Wings is a scheme in which, through regular donor funding, our Foundation provides a particular child with daily care, support in education, development of their personal passions, and a good start in their future life!



Due to regular funding of the Foundation’s activities, we can provide children and young people with a full range of permanent and long-term help. In their family homes, children cannot be given the appropriate support for development. The families of the children we help struggle to overcome inadequate material and legal conditions, addictions, and other types of dysfunction (including abuse or lack of care for a child). This leads to developmental and educational delay. Thanks to the Foundation, children and young people learn to live with others on the basis of mutual respect, intimacy, and proper communication.

They gain a different perspective of the world and improve their self-esteem. They begin to realize the needs of others and learn to form relationships. Through these actions, at the foundation house, children gain a sense of security and confidence, and an ability to create and pursue their dreams. They steal other people’s hearts straightaway – their childlike sincerity, openness of heart, authenticity, and bright, multicolored personalities fill up the foundation houses.

How a child benefits under the Protective Wings scheme?

  • Daily, professional childcare at a foundation house,
  • children’s emotional and development needs are met,
  • educational support,
  • material support, including clothing, books, and school supplies,
  • home-cooked meals,
  • support in developing interests, skills, and talents,
  • the opportunity to participate in numerous attractive outings (swimming pool, trampoline park, ice rink, climbing wall, cinema, museum, theater) as well as summer and winter vacations.


1. What are the costs of care for one child, and how can I help?

The cost of care for one child per month is PLN 1500. A sponsor commits to a monthly donation of no less than PLN 500 for a minimum of one year.

2. Who can sponsor a child under the Protective Wings scheme?

Anyone who believes that helping is simple! See how you can change the reality of a particular child. We encourage groups of friends, families, classes, and companies to sponsor one child in full (a commitment to three donations of PLN 500 will cover the full monthly cost of care for one child).

3. How can I take part in the scheme?

If you wish to sponsor a child, call us on +48 22 610 28 55 or e-mail us at:

4. What do I get in return?

In view of the declared donation, and any other preferences you may have, we will send you the child’s details and a photograph. Once a month, by conventional postal service, we send updates on the development of the child being cared for, their daily life, and the way their life is changing. Being able to observe that path and knowing that the help means the life of a particular child changes for the better is a source of great joy and satisfaction.

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