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Winter break in our Homes for Polish and Ukrainian children

Not long ago (January 16 – January 29), we finished the winter break in Marysia’s Home in Kamionka. For our wards, it was a time to take a deep breath from school routine. The wheels of our foundation’s bus were still in motion. Boys had a chance to play bowling, while girls enjoyed some beauty treatments. We visited the trampoline park and swam in the Park Avia pools in Świdnik. There was also time for a movie screening at the cinema. We managed to escape the Devil’s Circus in an Escape Room. The winter break was full of pleasant moments and adventures.

And already on February 13, we are starting the winter break in our homes in Warsaw and Milanówek. During this time, we plan to both relax and engage in various activities.

Our plans include: Going to an amusement park, swimming pool, or cinema, themed art workshops, baking together at home, visiting each other’s homes in Warsaw and Milanówek, home Spa, going to a chocolate factory or a Carnival Ball.

This year, the older group from the Warsaw home planned a 4-day trip to picturesque Gdańsk. The program includes visits to the Castle in Malbork, sightseeing of St. Mary’s Basilica, the National Museum in Gdańsk, or the Gdynia Aquarium. The trip is possible only thanks to the support of our wonderful Donors – Allen & Overy law firm and ambassadors Gosia Rumian and Ilona Łepkowska, to whom we sincerely thank on behalf of us and the children for the financial assistance and enabling our wards to go on winter break.

Fot. M. Czeżyk