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Support Ukraine – August 2022 update

August (the first two weeks thereof) is a scheduled vacation time for the Foundation team, so that all educators can rest and regain energy and strength for further action on behalf of Ukrainian and Polish children. We have recharged our batteries and are ready to continue our work for the kids.

From 16 August on we organized vacation time for Polish and Ukrainian children in our three facilities: Warsaw, Milanówek and Kamionka. The children went to a theatre, swimming pool, gym and a trampoline park. We organized photography, music, science and weaving workshops:

  • At the Warsaw facility we carried out a „Summer in the City” project.
  • At the Kamionka – we hired a new educator, Marek Czeżyk, who has excellent contact with younger and older kids. We parted with a family of Natalia and Anastazja Gorvatenko who, after 5 months of stay in Poland, returned to Ukraine. We are in touch with them so that in case they are again in any risk for their lives, they are to come and stay with us again.

On behalf of our children and families from Ukraine and Poland we would like to thank you very much for your meaningful assistance!