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Who are we?


We are a registered Polish charitable foundation, that helps children from all nationalities, who are resident in Poland, who suffer from insufficient family support for social, financial and refugee displacement reasons.
We address the social exclusion of children and their families, through providing support at our day houses, which replicate a family home.

Working with our own personnel and volunteers, we offer complex support – providing a ‘family setting’ in our homes, including meals and other ‘family-style’ events, educational services – including Polish lessons, psychological support, and information about available Polish government and non-governments services, grants and opportunities.

Various international corporates resident in Poland provide support to us – including Starbucks by providing cakes, coffee and volunteers – Renault, BNP Paribas, Allen&Overy, Rotschild&Co.

With us, children and their families gain security and confidence in their potential, able to determine their life goals and pursue them.
We are supported financially by Polish and international residents and are grateful for their support.

Please have a look at the various schemes we currently run. We will be very grateful if you take interest in our Foundation. If there is a post that you particularly like, please post it on social media. If you are able to provide us with financial support, we and the families we support, will be extremely grateful.


Our long-term observations and experiences show that the major problems faced by parents and guardians today are a lack of or poor child-raising skills, unemployment, inactivity and belief in automatic entitlement, a low level of professional credentials, low life and career aspirations, alcoholism, and abuse. Children’s parents and guardians transfer to their own families the mechanisms and style of behavior that they learned from their original environment. Dysfunction in families for whom we act is multi-generational.

The main problems of children and young people we help are:

  • not being given constructive support by parents and guardians,
  • falling behind in their education,
  • poor social skills,
  • low self-esteem,
  • a low level of life and career aspirations, combined with a low level of awareness of the potential for choosing their path in life,
  • aggression.

Why is this?

Children are not given positive role models for their behavior, while due to constantly being close to parents they adopt their guardians’ lifestyle with no awareness of a life of a different kind. In view of social neglect, no potential in a family for correct mental and social development of children and young people, and family dysfunction across generations, the sole condition for true, real help for children is a long-term, consistent child-raising process that accounts for children’s needs and family situation.

Your help = our help

We clearly observe, due to our work with children and young people, distinct changes with regard to the mental and social functioning of the children we help, and members of their families as well. Interrupting and failing to resume the childcare path we began leads to regression in social skills, a return to peer groups in the immediate environment who function in an aggressive and abusive way, and use of alcohol and narcotics. Children and young people are deprived of support in education and childcare, and emotional support. This means that in future they will continue on the same path as their parents and guardians. From a social perspective, this means becoming a socially maladjusted adult with low professional credentials, professional inactivity or a low level of professional activity, no life aspirations, belief in automatic entitlement, criminal behavior, and alcoholism.

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